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Symmetry, Loan Origination system
Being an internet based system meant we didn’t have the costly expense of purchasing a program nor do we have the problem of storage….we don’t have to buy extra memory for our computers or have bulky servers clogging up our office space…it’s great. Symmetry has also allowed us to handle our growth effectively by using technology rather then the more traditional answer of adding support staff. This means we can continue providing maximum service to our clients while insuring a strong return for the company. Symmetry gives us the technological advantage we need to compete in today's aggressive mortgage marketplace.
Paul Hansberry Product Development / Compliance Manager, Specialist Mortgage

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Delivering the best in mortgage solutions

Accessing the best loan software is crucial to building and retaining your client base. A simple to use system like Symmetry provides you with the most powerful tool to operate a successful mortgage business.

Designed to handle every aspect of your growing mortgage business, Symmetry delivers the very best in loan origination management. Whether a broker, mortgage manager, originator or aggregator, Symmetry is the answer you have been looking for.

As an internet based CRM solution, Symmetry and all its infrastructure, ongoing upgrades, data storage and security protocols are fully maintained by Rubik in order to minimise your I.T. and infrastructure costs.

In the current economic landscape, the Symmetry solution provides excellent value for money with a range of flexible pricing options available. Symmetry is also packed with lots of optional extras such as offline access, web-lead capture, electronic lodgement and a range of user training programs.

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